The Best Digital Marketing Consultant in Kolkata, India Brings a Flexible Approach to Assessing Marketing Performance and Implementing Solutions

As an efficient digital marketing expert in India, Raja Sekh has helped many businesses from different industries. He is perfect with the capacity of accepting several work challenges towards the success of his clients.

This digital marketing consultant offers full-service, end-to-end solutions based on your business objectives. From determining the best marketing strategy to assessing a data-driven approach, he has the expertise and dedication to take your business to a new height of success. Let the digital marketing specialist work for you to maximize your ROI.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Consultation Services

To assess the current market, your competitors, and customers, digital marketing consulting services add a lot more benefits to your business. The best digital marketing consultant determines everything from strategies to advanced approaches and helps you stand out from the competition. Here are some benefits of hiring one for your business:

Our Digital Marketing Consulting Services

As digital marketing has become an integral part of any business, hiring the best digital marketing expert in India ensures the most effective services and solutions to benefit your business. At MAXIMA GROWTH™, you have the following digital marketing consulting services:

SEO Strategy Consultation

Raja Sekh is one of the top digital marketing consultants in India. He, with his expert team members, provides the best SEO strategy and consultation based on your business category and objectives.

Social Media Marketing Strategy Consultation

Social media marketing strategy is a series of work. Raja Sekh is a top digital marketing specialist working with leading brands to help them gain more customers through smart and effective social media marketing strategies.

Online Paid Advertising Strategy Consultation

Display ads, social media ads, and pay-per-click ads are some significant online paid marketing strategies. To boost your paid campaigns, get a smart online paid advertising strategy consultation with Raja Sekh, a talented digital marketing expert in India.

Content Marketing Strategy Consultation

As a full-stack digital marketing expert, Raja Sekh provides content marketing strategy consultation for whether it is B2B, B2C or D2C businesses by creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract your audiences.

Overall Digital Marketing Strategy Consultation

From determining marketing strategies to customer evaluation and custom optimization, as a proficient digital marketing expert provides overall digital marketing strategy consultation to boost your sales and revenue.
Our Digital Marketing Consulting Procedure

As a top digital marketing consultant in India, Raja Sekh follows an insightful consulting procedure to help clients understand why each meeting is necessary for his business to grow:

Identify the Problem

Once you contact Raja Sekh for digital marketing, he analyzes the problems faced by your business, business goals and marketing objectives. As a friendly and enthusiastic digital marketing expert in India, he explores everything about your business to provide you with the best solutions.


Strategy Discussion & Presentation

After gathering data and analyzing everything about your business, Raja Sekh, the top digital marketing consultant, determines the business plan and strategies for optimal results. In the presentation meeting, he holds up everything in front of the client through a graphical presentation and helps the client understand how he can benefit from the custom-made strategy.


Final Deal

It is the final meeting where a deal is fixed mutually to grow your business with the help of significant digital marketing services. After the deal meeting, the digital marketing expert starts the project and you will watch significant growth gradually in your business.


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I always like to maintain transparent relationships with my clients. If you have questions in your mind, don’t hesitate. Call and ask me anytime. I am here to listen to and solve your issues.



I guarantee the services we provide. Within 3-6 months, you will see progress in your business, no matter whether you are a startup, small or medium-scale business.



Experience tells the truth. I have many years of experience in the Digital Marketing field. Therefore, I know every viable strategy that can boost your sales and business ROI.


Cost Effective

Consulting with an experienced digital marketing consultant is more cost-effective than recruiting an executive to supervise the marketing matter.


ROI Focused Service

I, with my team, assess the right and ROI-driven strategy to add value to your business. Digital marketing consulting services at MAXIMA GROWTH™ means you are one step ahead of your competitors towards success.



I have worked with clients from all industries around the world. And I feel proud that my clients are highly satisfied with my work and want to keep in touch with my team for their digital marketing needs.

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Curious to learn more? Here are some of the most common questions we hear day to day.

  • Why does my business need to hire a digital marketing consultant or expert?

    A digital marketing consultant is an advisor who works with your company to create and implement compatible marketing strategies. He creates a detailed marketing plan and identifies the marketing strategies to stay ahead of the market competitors.

  • How do your digital marketing services transform my marketing plan?

    MAXIMA GROWTH™ can transform your businesses with seamless digital marketing programs using multiple channels. With regular content posting, continuous tracking, managing marketing programs, monitoring customer behavior, proper analysis, and communication, our team helps in the decision-making of consumers.

  • Do you work with startups, small, medium, and local businesses?

    Digital marketing works for any business irrespective of size and category. Whether you want to promote your startup business or small business, I serve you with all the services to experience data-driven results.

  • What does a digital marketing expert do?

    Digital marketing experts develop and execute a digital strategy for your organization. They plan, build, and implement digital marketing campaigns across manifold channels and platforms. They create organic search campaigns, paid advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, and others to increase your brand awareness.

  • Why is digital marketing essential for my business?

    Digital marketing is important for any business because this marketing approach connects your brand with its customers and is effective for all industries. with SEO, PPC, social media marketing, email marketing, and other strategies, digital marketing helps your business to grow and boost sales.

  • Do you provide services for e-commerce businesses?

    Yes, I do work with e-commerce businesses as well. Using the right strategy, I help your e-commerce business to create huge revenue and brand value. Customers have no more trust only in word-of-mouth, but they can read reviews about your product on manifold platforms with my digital marketing services.

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Are you not satisfied with the number of leads or sales your business makes every year? Certainly, your business is suffering from poor marketing. You need professional help to find out the most compatible digital marketing solution of how to increase leads and sales. Make a more realistic digital marketing plan with Raja Sekh, a young and enthusiastic digital marketing expert in Kolkata. Get free expert consultation and bring extraordinary growth to your business.

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