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We are one of the best digital marketing agencies in Kolkata. Throughout the journey, our only focus has been how to grow your business significantly. We have enthusiastic digital marketers, designers, developers, and content writers who give their endless support to provide customized digital marketing solutions to drive relevant targeted traffic and generate sales.
Our experts are young, dynamic, and creative. We provide honest and result-oriented digital marketing solutions to all types of businesses, for different industries but we are always happier helping small and medium-sized businesses reach their intended business goal.
Though our journey as a digital marketing agency is not too long, our team is dedicated and we are extremely passionate about our work. As you know, like other industries, the digital marketing field has been evolving fast. So, we thrive continuously to update our skills with the changing demands of our clients. Our professionals are keen to give you the best results for your business success. You can see a significant amount of results after a few months of partnering with us.
Our Mission

The founder, Raja Sekh is a digital marketing expert with many years of experience in this industry. He and his team are working with integrity that their clients have sustainable business development and expansion across the globe.

•   We focus on the result and growth-driven digital marketing services

•   Our team maintains transparency and integrity with no excuse

•   We offer extraordinary support to small and medium-scale businesses for more leads and increased sales

•   Client’s achievement is our ultimate success

Our Vision

We dream for:

•  Offering 360-degree result and growth-driven digital marketing services to nationwide and international clients with the same perseverance

•  Being an honest partner of our esteemed clients throughout their journey to bring 100% success to them

•  Organizing an ideal roadmap to help our clients meet their business goals

•  Making a strong bond and a long-lasting relationship with our clients

•  Establishing us as one of the best result and growth-driven digital marketing agencies across the world

Our Values

Give Measurable Results, Not Opinion

Anyone can give you opinions, but how many can provide you with numbers and proven results? We not only do estimates, but our professionals bring evidence-based results and help you achieve your business goal.

Find Solutions, Not Problems

We know you may face many problems in the journey of your business, but we are confident enough to find out the most excellent solutions and provide you with a smooth journey and satisfactory end result.

Update and Improve Skill Sets

Our team is proficient, but the members are updating and improving their skills continuously with the innovation and trends in the digital marketing industry.


Commitment is our pride. Our team members are extremely devoted to their work. No job is downtrodden, but we take care of each of our projects with the same dedication and commitment.


We are proud to be transparent with our clients. We hide nothing as we respect your emotion. Our professionals keep everything clear about what we do, how we execute, our budget plan, and others.

Team Work

Team spirit is our strength. We are strong enough in the digital marketing industry as we think and work together, exchanging innovative thoughts and skills with our team members.


We work in an organized way, keeping shoulder to shoulder. So, we have increased efficiency and innovative ideas. You have highly efficient digital marketing services when you are with our team.

Make Clients Admire Us

Our focus is to create a strong web presence and to implement powerful digital marketing strategies that clients are obsessed with admiring our team and feel enthusiastic about working with the company.

Learn From Your Failure

Though we work as a team, each team member should take responsibility if one falls or makes mistakes. You can discuss the issue with other team members, but try to solve it with your sole effort. Learning from mistakes or failures is the key to growing an individual’s skills.

The Working Procedures We Follow

To provide measurable results, we follow simple, strategic, advanced digital marketing procedures. We, as a tech-savvy digital marketing service provider, perform everything just accurately, from market research to analysis and report!

Understand & Align

Our team members understand your unique business aspiration and accordingly, take initiative for the best outcomes.


Research & Audit

We have creative experts who research and analyze your business, customer demands, delivery models, and others and identify the most suitable marketing strategies for your success.


Strategy & Roadmap

We don’t believe in strategies and methods that fit all, but we provide custom-made plans that can drive more leads, new customers, and sales to expand your business fast.


Execution & Production

Our proficient team members make exclusive digital marketing programs for clients from different niches and execute everything properly for the best outcome.


Measure, Analyze & Report

We analyze your marketing report to understand the return on investment(ROI) and bring changes accordingly. Analyzing the report, our experts determine which methods fit perfectly to improve your leads and sales.


Test & Optimize

Our team continuously analyzes subject lines and other digital content to recommend optimal and data-driven decisions for determining future strategies and roadmap to run your business successfully.

Why Choose MAXIMA GROWTH™ As your Digital Marketing Partner?

We have a young and dynamic team of professionals who guarantee your business growth using Result and Growth-driven digital marketing strategies.

Our team continuously updates and refines its skill sets and offers our clients full-scale digital marketing solutions with proper website analysis, competitor analysis, market research, execution, delivery and support. Features that make us unique in the mass of digital marketers:

Honesty and Transparency

Honesty is our core feature. While many digital marketing companies manipulate clients with poor quality services and costs, we maintain transparency in every step of the period. We value our clients and respect their trust in us.

Result and Growth-Driven Strategies

We use result and growth-driven digital marketing strategies while making plans to provide you best possible results. Our experts make custom strategies as per the requirements of clients from different niches.

Expert Team Members

We have industry experts who have proficient skills in their respective fields. They lead each project with utmost care and aptitude.

Client-Centric Approach

We don’t believe in fit-to-all digital marketing packages, but we design thousands of marketing programs that can fit your precise business requirements and help you reach your business goal timely and efficiently.

24/7 Support

We want to support our clients beyond their expectation level. So, our enthusiastic professionals are ready for your service 24/7 a week. Stay relaxed and concentrate on your core business, the rest of your business success is our responsibility.
Meet Our Expert Team Members

Do you want to grow faster? Our team members are ready to help you. Meet our skilled crews and ease your business journey.

Raja Sekh

Founder & CEO And Digital Marketing Head

As a digital marketing expert, he can suggest you the most suitable marketing ideas to reach your brand to a new height. He is a hard-working, passionate, and knowledgeable one whom you can trust completely to grow your business remarkably fast.

Subhankar Das

Graphic Designer

Subhankar is an experienced graphic designer who has worked for different organizations from different niches. Her innovative designs help your business achieve the top position among the crowd.

Mahua De Roy

Content Writer

Mahua is a creative web content writer with over 8 years of experience. She can write engaging content for any sector, from education to technology. To draw the attention of online visitors, content is the key element of digital marketing.
Our Respected Clients
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Curious to learn more? Here are some of the most common questions we hear day to day.

  • What is MAXIMA GROWTH™?

    MAXIMA GROWTH™ is a leading digital marketing agency that can provide you with result and growth-driven digital marketing strategies to grow your business and achieve success.

    The organization has a proficient team of professionals who are immensely creative, dedicated, and experienced in this field. To boost your online presence, leads, and sales, it is the one-stop destination for small and medium-scale businesses.

  • What are the advantages of Digital Marketing?

    Marketing is the key part of any business to attract more customers and boost sales. In this digital era, digital marketing is highly essential for an online business to reach the maximum audience faster than anything. Take a quick look at the diverse advantages of digital marketing:

    • Global reach
    • Low-cost marketing module with advanced features
    • Trackable and measurable results
    • Increased conversion rates
    • Higher engagement
    • Target oriented
    • Easy communication and increased customer loyalty
    • Generates leads
    • Brand awareness

  • How Digital Marketing can help my business?

    Digital marketing allows your business to become more visible across the globe. You can reach a wide range of online consumers who are seeking products or services in your industry.

    While there is no communication between buyers and sellers in traditional marketing, digital marketing allows businesses to connect with their customers easily.

    It helps companies to understand their customer’s demands and the latest trend in the market. Social media platforms take an important role to boost your online reach and sales.

  • Do you provide free digital marketing consultation?

    As it is difficult to understand how digital marketing works, its attributes, and effectiveness, startups, and enterprises need an expert’s guidance to reveal the benefits of this marketing strategy.

    Here, at MAXIMA GROWTH™, we provide free consultation for businesses of any size and category.

    If you have any queries or you want to know how to implement digital marketing tactics to get results and growth-driven marketing solutions, we are ready to offer you a free consultation. Decision-making will be easy when you avail of our consultation service.

  • What is Digital Marketing?

    Digital marketing refers to advertising delivered using digital platforms, such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. It is the strategy to promote a brand or service through these digital channels.

    These days, consumers rely on the online promotional method to research products. For example, over 90% of consumers find information on the Google search engine.

    Advertising online is a vast system with complex strategies. To reach a brand to its target audience and get more online visibility, this is a proven marketing strategy with data-driven results.

  • What is marketing?

    Marketing is a set of activities to promote a brand, service or product using different mediums.

    Newspaper ads, television ads, brochures, and radio ads are some common examples of traditional marketing.

    It is an essential part of sales. It researches and enhances the market demand for a product using different tactics.

    In this internet era, digital marketing has taken the position of traditional marketing, and business houses have grown their strong belief in this marketing approach for its diverse attributes and benefits.

  • What is a digital marketing agency?

    It is an organization that takes the entire responsibility of promoting a brand or service through digital channels. A digital marketing agency provides an array of services to help its clients reach their business goals.

    As digital marketing is a series of tasks, a top digital marketing agency should have profound knowledge to help clients offer data-driven results and enhanced sales.

    The ultimate goal of a digital marketing agency is to increase your brand value, target audience, online leads, and sales with their continuous support and effort.

  • How to select a digital marketing agency?

    With the growing demand for digital marketing, you will find millions of service providers finding on the internet. But picking up the right one is a vital task and your business success highly depends on it.

    As a business owner, you need to drive a massive amount of traffic to your website. An expert digital marketing agency should take the right initiatives to drive more traffic towards your website and to offer increased leads and sales.

    Check how knowledgeable and trustworthy the company is to provide you with services your business needs. Also, check the portfolio and client’s testimonials to make sure that it is the best agency.

  • Why do you choose MAXIMA GROWTH™?

    MAXIMA GROWTH™ is the reliable and sincere name in the digital marketing industry. If you want to get optimal results from your online business, you are at the right destination.

    The professionals are immensely experienced, friendly, and honest. They do what they commit. Understanding your specific business goal, the professionals use customized strategies and bring data-driven results.

    If you want to grow faster with your online business, nothing can be better than choosing MAXIMA GROWTH™ as your marketing expert.

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