About Raja Sekh

Who Is Raja Sekh?

Hi, I am Raja Sekh, Digital Marketing Consultant, and A Google Certified Digital Marketer, HubSpot Certified Online Content Marketer, Online Inbound Marketer, Social Media Strategist, Search Engine Optimizer, currently Founder & CEO of MAXIMA GROWTH™.

Here I would like to share with you how did I come into this Digital Marketing Industry. So let’s get started.

Started My Journey In The Digital Marketing Industry

I am from a small town in West Bengal, India. From a young age, I was fascinated by any creative activity. I was mediocre in my studies.

After graduation, I kept looking for what I would do in my career. Since I was fascinated by how to make money online, I started a Youtube channel called “TeCh TaLk.”

“TeCh TaLk” is the Bengali language based youtube channel, here I have uploaded content related to computer tutorials like Microsoft Office, Data Entry, etc. I have uploaded the content of whatever I learned after my class 10th exam during the holiday period.

And from there I started learning a lot of new things like the basics of video editing, how to rank youtube videos and I was attracted to Digital Marketing.

While pursuing an Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing, I finally found out what I love to do. And I believe success comes from having a love for the work which you do

I have ranked many videos for my youtube channel, and the clients also. Now I am constantly learning new things in my digital marketing career.

Since I am passionate and dedicated to my work, I am always learning new things and implementing them in this vast and ever-changing Digital Marketing Industry. Which I think will be very beneficial to the organization or to those with whom I will work.


I started my career as a digital marketing intern, then a digital marketing executive, then a digital marketing expert, and so on. I worked dedicatedly with many leading companies in the industry.

I have discovered how most business owners waste their time and money on digital campaigns with no tangible result. At that time, I decided to start my digital marketing agency and poured my entire endeavor, sincerity, and hard work to make my clients’ business success with the result and growth-oriented digital marketing solutions.

I promised myself to offer result-driven digital marketing solutions with the highest honesty and devotion, with no dodgy practices. My digital marketing strategies deliver higher ROI and help businesses grow faster than ever. This is how I started my journey and introduced MAXIMA GROWTH™. Today, I am working with businesses around the world and my clients are immensely happy with my work and support.

I not only run my organization with stability, but I offer training and tutorials online to help individuals learn digital marketing successfully. I have published many blogs and content on YouTube and other social platforms that surely help people to find the best methods of learning everything about digital marketing.

How Do You Leverage The Skill Of Digital Marketing Free Of Cost With Raja Sekh?

Whether you are a student looking for a job or a business owner, here you all get the value by leveraging the skill of Digital Marketing, which will give you High ROI (return on investment) for a lifetime.

If you are a student and looking to acquire a new skill that will give you exponential growth in your career then Digital Marketing could be your right decision.

And if you are a business owner or entrepreneur or startup then online marketing will be the right decision for you because digital marketing will help businesses stay one step ahead of their competition in this digital era.

Businesses always try to reach as many people as possible and in this digital era, it has become easier through internet platforms. It has been proven that digital marketing is less expensive and more influential than traditional advertising.


MAXIMA GROWTH™ Blog will help you leverage the skill of Digital Marketing from scratch to the advanced level.

Here you will learn the what, why, and how of Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Online Ad Campaigns or Online Advertising, etc. with step by step process.

Raja Sekh YouTube Channel Video Tutorial

Raja Sekh YouTube Channel Video Tutorial will help you to learn the practical implementation of every arena of Digital Marketing with step by step process.

Raja Sekh YouTube channel is the updated version of “TeCh TaLk”, about which I have told you above. This channel also is the Bengali language based YouTube channel.

Here you will get the practical implementation of Digital Marketing and Digital Marketing tips, tricks, trends, industry news, updates, and many more.

Connect With Raja Sekh Now!

Hey everyone, connect with me now to be a part of this awesome journey and make it more valuable for others who really need this and as well as for you, which will give you valuable ROI (return on investment) for a lifetime.

Grab all these valuable opportunities free of cost which I will share with you from my experience and I am always trying to give you the best possible result for you.

If you are really interested to learn the invaluable skill of Digital Marketing, then stay updated with the Blogs, watch the videos on YouTube and implement all these practically.

And if you are a Business Owner or a Startup or an entrepreneur, no matter of a small, medium or big businesses and you want to grab the opportunities of Digital Marketing to get exponential growth for your business, then Consult with me now. I will give you a free consultation.

How Do You Get The Benefit From A Free Consultation From Raja Sekh?

Hey there, don’t worry it is not a complicated thing. it is a very simple procedure. So here it is –

1.  Identify the Problem

Once you take a free consultation from Raja Sekh for digital marketing, he analyzes the problems faced by your business, business goals and marketing objectives. As a friendly and enthusiastic digital marketing expert in India, he explores everything about your business to provide you with the best solutions.

2.  Strategy Discussion & Presentation

After gathering data and analyzing everything about your business, Raja Sekh, the top digital marketing consultant, determines the business plan and strategies for optimal results. In the presentation meeting, he holds up everything in front of the client through a graphical presentation and helps the client understand how he can benefit from the custom-made strategy.

3.  Final Deal

It is the final meeting where a deal is fixed mutually to grow your business with the help of significant digital marketing services. After the deal meeting, the digital marketing expert starts the project and you will watch significant growth gradually in your business.

Hopefully, now you can easily understand how you can get the benefit by getting the free consultation from Raja Sekh.

So If You Think You Really Need It, Then Don't Be Late, Contact Me Now Because If You Don't Do It, Your Competitor Definitely Will Stay Ahead Of You By Applying It Right Now

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