How We Helped West Bengal Shaolin Kung Fu in Kolkata to Drive +300% more Phone Call Leads & +245% more Website Traffic through Local SEO

Introduction about the client

    • Client : Mr. Rounak Roy
    • Date : 1.11.23
    • Category : Local SEO
    • Location : Kolkata, West Bengal

West Bengal Shaolin Kung Fu Wu Shu Association teaches authentic Shaolin Kung Fu and Wu Shu in their organization in Kolkata. They have been teaching Shaolin kung fu since 1995. They are one of the oldest Shaolin kung fu training schools in Kolkata. Their organization has over 10 branches all over West Bengal and over 50 certified black belt instructors. And they have more than 300 students all over West Bengal.

Clients Requirement

West Bengal Shaolin Kung Fu Wu Shu Association approached our digital marketing agency with the requirement of improving their visibility in local search results on Google and increasing their visibility online to attract more potential customers.


The Challenges


They didn’t have a well optimized Google Business Profile.


Their Google Business Profile was not ranked locally on the 1st page of Google Maps on the important keywords for their business like, Kung Fu Schools in Kolkata, Martial Arts Schools in Kolkata etc. That's why they didn’t get enough local lead calls and local website visitors across Kolkata from their Google Business Profile.


They didn’t have any proper presence on local directories.


They didn’t have NAP Citations.


Lack of their Brand Awareness among their potential customers.


Lack of Knowledge about their different types of martial arts classes among their potential customers.

Our Solutions

To overcome these challenges, we implemented a comprehensive local SEO strategy for West Bengal Shaolin Kung Fu Wu Shu Association –

  • We have researched and finalized the top 10 relevant local keywords with high search volumes to rank the GBP on these keywords.
  • We conducted a thorough audit of the Google Business Profile and optimized the profile with relevant keywords.
  • We listed and optimized their business’ online presence also on various local directories, and improved their local NAP citations.
  • We started posting engaging content about their academy, classes, and student testimonials with attractive creatives on their Google Business Profile.
  • Our team also created a review acquisition strategy, encouraging satisfied customers to leave positive reviews online. We have maintained their online reputation also.
  • All these strategic local SEO approaches helped us to rank the Google Business Profile on the 1st page of Google Maps on the top 10 relevant local keywords within the next 1.5 months.
  • And as a result, it helped us to increase brand awareness among potential customers, increase the organic local lead enquiries, calls and local website visitors that in the end helped us to get more conversions as well and received many new reviews.
Increased Website Traffic
Organic Call Leads
Organic Message Leads
High Volume Local Keywords Ranked within 1.5 Months; Improved Search Engine Ranking
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